Inlays (Cerec)

If your tooth has a cavity or defective filling, your dentist may suggest that it be restored using an inlay.


Montreal dentist, Dr. Miguel Ste-Marie and Dr Toby De Palma Chevalier explain that regular fillings made of amalgam (silver fillings) or composites (white fillings) are often used. However, there are times when the decay or fracture is so extensive that using a regular filling could compromise the structural integrity of the tooth.

In such instances, inlays may be recommended.

What exactly is an Inlay?

Similar to a filing an inlay is used to restore a tooth. It is custom-made to fit inside the cavity of your tooth. Highly durable, an inlay gives your tooth back up to 105% of its original strength. That’s right, your tooth is strengthened by an inlay.

Procedure for Inlays

Dr. Miguel Ste-Marie and Dr Toby De Palma Chevalier are trained in using state-of-the-art Cerec technology for a variety of dental restorations, including crowns, onlays, veneers and inlays.

While traditional methods for inlay restorations require two visits to the dentist’s office, the Montreal dentist’s investment in Cerec technology has resulted in patients having their restorations completed in a single appointment.

The procedure consists of:

  • Preparation of the tooth being restored, removal of old filling and/or decay
  • Camera 3D imaging of the area being restored, measures the exact dimensions required
  • Design of restoration on the computer
  • Information sent to milling unit, another part of the system for the creation of custom-made ceramic inlay
  • Restoration is polished, fitted and bonded to the tooth

And, all of this is done during the same appointment, rather than over several days!

Advantages of an Inlay

  • Time savings: only one visit is required
  • Reduced number of local anaesthetics injections required
  • Gives your tooth back up to 105% of its strength
  • Durable
  • More precise shape, since it is custom-made
  • Highly aesthetic


  • Although use of this technology requires that the dentist make an investment in time and money to acquire and learn the technology, there are no disadvantages for you, the patients.

Next Steps

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