According to our dentists, Invisalign braces are fast becoming the preferred orthodontic treatment.


The Montreal dentists state that Invisalign braces are a great alternative to metal braces, as they are much more comfortable to wear and they have been proven to be just as effective.

Invisalign’s technology features the use of a series of custom-made aligner trays created specifically for each patient. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable plastic which is virtually invisible. You simply wear them over your teeth. A great benefit is that you can remove the device. This enables you to brush and floss your teeth and eat normally.

Advantages of Invisalign Braces

  • treatment is efficient and effective
  • promotes better oral hygiene since the braces can be removed for proper cleansing of the braces and mouth
  • hardly noticeable
  • can temporarily remove the braces, making eating certain foods easier
  • very comfortable to wear

Consult your dentist to learn if Invisalign braces are suitable for you.

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